Elizabeth A Clayton, DO

Cranial & Physical Practitioner

Tel: 01460 220854

or 07773 122832

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Axminster Cranial & Physical Therapy - what we do

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On your first visit we would normally ask you detailed questions about your symptoms, your general health and medical history, including things like all your medication, operations, accidents, illnesses, lifestyle and so on.  At the moment we will aim to take most of these details during a phone call prior to your first appointment.


You will then be asked to undress to your underwear (please bring shorts to wear if you wish) so that we can look at your posture and how your body as a whole is balanced, how you move, examine you and make a diagnosis. If we think we can help we start treatment immediately, if not we will recommend the best course of action.


Our treatment consists of gentle, hands-on techniques. The techniques used vary for each individual patient but may include massage and gentle stretch to muscles and ligaments, mobilisation and specific manipulation of joints and/or the extremely specialised and gentle techniques, commonly referred to as "Cranial Therapy" ("Cranial Therapy" is an unhelpful name as it implies treatment of the head only, which is NOT the case; the WHOLE BODY is treated with these very gentle, but powerful, techniques). Our treatment is gentle, but people vary in their sensitivity and we ask you to tell us if you are uncomfortable during the treatment so that we can adjust it accordingly. It should not hurt and is generally very relaxing.


We also give you advice about posture and body use, general and specific exercises, and relaxation, although there may not be time for all this at the first session.


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