Elizabeth A Clayton, DO

Cranial & Physical Practitioner

Tel: 01460 220854

or 07773 122832

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Cranial & Physical Therapy in Axminster & Chardstock

Cranial and Physical Therapy is a manual therapy; it's safe, it's natural, and it can help people of all ages.


Our aims when providing treatment are to:


1.  relieve pain and stiffness

2.  improve function throughout the body

3.  help prevent symptoms recurring by addressing the causes

4.  help you to help yourself

5.  make a difference to your quality of life


Generally speaking we are asked to help people who are in pain and/or who are stiff and we usually find that their muscles and joints are out of balance, which can also affect nerves and other structures such as lymph and blood vessels. So our primary aim of treatment is to relieve your symptoms by releasing tension throughout your body so that it moves in a more balanced and comfortable way.


Although people will often come in and say "my back hurts", on further questioning we find out that they have pain or niggles in lots of other places too. This is a key point; the body is a whole unit, ie the bits are all joined up together and affect each other. This is why we might treat your upper back as well as your lower back when you tell us you have low back pain. We consider the whole body when assessing why you are in pain, how it could be relieved and how the symptoms might be prevented from recurring.


Our treatment is also about empowering you to help yourself by teaching you how to use your body more efficiently, how to stretch or strengthen muscles, what general exercise would suit you, how to sit correctly and so on. We hope to give you ways to stay mobile and comfortable, and to generally feel more well.


When the presenting problem has settled down, you may find that follow-up treatments help you to maintain the improvements and feeling of well-being.