Elizabeth A Clayton, DO

Cranial & Physical Practitioner

Tel: 01460 220854

or 07773 122832

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Tricia Kirkham

"I have been seeing Elizabeth for a number of years for an on-going and persistent problem. I greatly value not only her treatment, but also her advice and care. Her treatments are gentle, yet powerful and her quiet calm is reassuring and comforting. An appointment is always looked forward too. I cannot recommend her highly enough."



Katharine White

"I have been seeing Elizabeth over the last 10 years as well as all my family (7 of us).


After many years of unsuccessful treatment on my neck and back I found Elizabeth who has pratically cured me and I now only need a visit every 3-4 years. She is a miracle worker so hence 7 members of my family now see her including babies."


"My baby son has been seeing Elizabeth for 12 months and results are remarkable. I would highly recommend"



Mrs N

"Elizabeth has been treating me for approximately the past 6 years. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have terrible muscles spasms which incapacitate me and it's very painful. I also suffer from swollen joints and back problems. To say her treatment keeps me out of a wheelchair and allows me a good quality of mobility is no lie. Since going for treatment to Elizabeth she has given me my life back, she is so professional."



Ms H

"James was sleeping only a maximum of 2 hours, waking up for 10-15 minutes. That was all night long. Now he sleeps from 7-11 then after feeding he goes until 5 and sleep again a couple of hours. I am very grateful as this treatment made a difference to my life not only James is a happier baby but I am a much happier person too."



Mrs P re daughter (age 6)

"Significant improvement in hearing and more able to clear congestion. Delighted with benefits of treatment I wish we'd considered this years ago."



Mrs C

"I am almost painfree and able to carry out daily tasks, which before treatment I was unable to do. I am also sleeping better.


I was very impressed with my treatment and should I ever have the misfortune to need osteopathic treatment I wouldn't hesitate to use Elizabeth again. Thank you."



Mr S

"Complete relief of severe neck pain associated with headaches. Modest improvement in bladder function."



Mrs G

"I had back pain and tension in head and neck. I feel so much better in mind and body."



Mrs V

"Relief from back pain and tension. Generally a feeling of well being has returned as a result of treatment. Very good treatment, professional and effective attention. Thank you."



Mrs W

"My headaches have greatly improved and I am now getting really good night's sleep. The tension in my neck has eased and is less stiff. The low backache has also greatly improved."



Mr W

"Leg movement improved. Great help with swelling of knee and improvement of strength. Also improved well being."



Mrs T

"I had headaches, toothaches, upper back stiffness and lower back pain. I have found treatment very beneficial, particularly after dental treatment."



Mrs A

"Having suffered for a long time with intermittment lower back pain the treatment I have received has enable me to understand the mechanics of my problem and shown me how to manage and control it. I now feel much more confident about dealing with my back problem both short and long term."



Mrs P

"Improvements in mobility following hip replacements, and then maintenance thereof over several years. Release of muscle tension, especially around arthritic joints is very beneficial. I find the cranio-sacral part of my treatment very healing in addition to the above."



Mr C

"I was suffering from badly blocked sinuses due to a heavy cold. I was amazed that on a regular visit to Elizabeth for my back problems she was able to release the blockage of my sinuses and they remained free."



Graham Yates MBE

"My wife recommended me to Elizabeth when I was suffering from a painful shoulder, to the extent on some days I was unable to lift my arm higher than my chest. At the end of my first treatment, she advised me to make a further appointment the following week, but felt it would not be necessary, and if this was the case not to be afraid to cancel, which underlined to me that she was only interested in my health and not financial gain."